Not Too Late To Learn Korean Or German

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I am sure it can be achieved here based on your life style. But not so sure about in BA, but doable when your wants and have are aligned :slight_smile:

Just ran into this yesterday and make you think:

As I said before, health care system is accessible to everyone with affordable cost in S.Korea.
I believe this is a good example of successful public health care system.
Yet, most of doctors make good salary and there are still many smart kids who want to be doctors.
I still don’t understand why health care cost should be 10x more expensive in US than S.Korea.


Since diet is a big part of it, here is what Koreans eat. Ok, so I can now eat more rice again??? It is sooooo confusing…

Corporate greed. Big pharma/health industry influencing congressmen. Right or left, nothing for the people.

Not sure if Korean diet is better than American diet but one thing I can say is typical Americans consume too many overall calories a day in my opinion.
By simply cutting down portion, I believe they can see the similar health benefit.

Korean diet also has problems. It includes too much carb and sodium.

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You mean I can’t start going with a standard kimchi, bbq short rib dinner diet with soju to wash it all down???:grin:

Ask politicians, big pharma and health insurance companies.

Right, you can wash it all down with Soju. :slight_smile:

Geez, and to be able to live a long time (if not caught) to spend it (somehow) is nice…:slight_smile: (not advocating stealing, people)

Yes, portion is as critical as composition. Smaller portion of the same food, and don’t eat more than 80% full is more healthy. Also, drink more water.

Water, Soju…same thing right? :grin:

How could he have an access to $100million in the first place?
He must have been quite creative. :expressionless:

I am not cause I live in US and eating junk food. :slight_smile: Still I eating Kimchi a lot though.

I just read that article. Maybe we are all shooting for this:

  1. Didn’t go to college. Retired at age 52 after working for 20 years as an IT help technician at the largest retail bank on the west coast. Bought a four unit building 25 years ago and lives off the rental income. Drives a 1986 Nissan 240Z. Age 62. Indian. 4.5 USTA rating. We literally played 32 matches last year.

Yes, except replace that with my clean 1991 Honda CRX Si… a tank of gas is still 20 bucks

AMA has the monopoly on how many new doctors are coming. In Korea the number of schools for medical is likely less. If you specialize in an organ say digestive system, I doubt other training are relevant.