Novel Idea, Incentivize Owners To Build... Wow



Yes, make it easier to build not harder… (brain exploding)


They are going to pick 6 home owners. There are 50,000 homeless. They aren’t even close to thinking about this correctly in terms of scale and cost.


maybe a pilot program? not sure.


The homeless need triage. Arrest and incarcerate the criminals, put the mentality ill and drug addicted in treatment centers and house the rest in class C apartments with subsidized rents. Nobody wants a homeless person in their brand new class A cottage in their backyards .


The idea of the government controlling who lives in my backyard is insane. Ten years with a crazy drug addicted homeless person in my yard fugetaboutit


Some of the nonprofit agency or govnrment agency are not serious about solving the problems. They just want some publicity so that people think that they have a positive impact.


Government and politicians solve nothing. They should just get the hell out of the way.