NVDA: Year 2018 pick Growing Company


This is actually bullish for Intel and Micron. The patch slows down performance by as much as 30%. So cloud companies need to buy more computers just to have same level of performance. Bearish for cloud companies as they need to spend more on infrastructure.


Good, would buy more INTC tomorrow. Kind of like y2k. Won’t get sued and make more profit. Yay!
CEO INTC doesn’t have to apologize right?
CEO AMZN, GOOG and MSFT don’t need to2.
The world is fair :rage:


Intel can come out with a new “generation” at the same process node and same feature set just with the bug fix and it’s automatically 20-30% faster than the previous gen. :slight_smile:

The Intel ecosystem is actually relatively easy to address. Worst case we see a wave of PC upgrades. The ARM ecosystem is much more widespread and fragmented and they are really everywhere. Fixing that in the ARM world is going to take way more efforts.


Shouldn’t you let the impact on INTC share price settle down before buying?


If maluka & manch (ex-INTC) are right, it would re-bounce 2mrw.
I think smart money is aware of this at least a month ago. Info might be leaked to drive price down. So far doesn’t decline much.
Got 100 shares at $43.42. Hope to average down :smile:


I was thinking on the lines of any analyst downgrades in next couple of days based on this news. If that happens then price should fall down further.
Today’s aftermarket shows price has already started to pick up on high volume.

Btw, I am looking for a free stock chart app/website that’s similar to finviz but free. Does something like this exist?


Why would analysts downgrade intel? It’s practically a monopoly. No, AMD still sucks.

I am not buying intel though. It has serious execution issues.


I may be wrong. But isn’t the worst case scenario in this situation an extra cost for intel to fix the flaw in their chips?

The Meltdown flaw is specific to Intel


It just dropped 3% today, If Intel is going down 10% or 20% based on this news, it provides a good opportunity to buy at low !


I was thinking on similar lines.


The more I think about this the better opportunity it becomes. This is going to trigger a massive CPU upgrade cycle so it should be good news for both vendors (Intel and AMD). Whether that translates to higher stock price is another story as Intel might have huge potential liabilities ahead.

The Spectre bug sounds like a fundamental computer architecture issue that may not be easily solved (no details released so far, but I probably won’t be able to understand it anyway). May have to wait a few generations of processors to have a stable fix for the problem. I am curious to see how soon hackers can make use of the bug to actually cause some real damages once the details are released. The bug is real but it was discovered with paper theories only, and that it has existed for such a long time so it’s possible that it can’t be exploited. I suspect hackers have already discovered enough holes in all systems that they don’t need to try hard to make use of this one.


I think the bug can be patched by software, either at the microcode level at CPU, or at the OS level. It has been known for a while and Linus Torvalds already patched Linux kernel. That’s how AWS and Google patched their servers before this news even broke. We were the last to know about it.

It seems the patch disabled some optimization and performance went down after the patch. So at a minimum more servers need to be bought just to get to capacity before patch. I need to read more to understand but right now it seems a huge opportunity for semis. The DRAM surplus people were predicting last month now looks more like a huge deficit. I like Micron’s position. Maybe that guy who sold large number of $40 puts thinks the same way?


There are two different bugs. One affecting Intel only and it can be fixed with reduced performance (maybe more frequent cache flushes?). The other one is more fundamental and (seems like) it requires a comp arch change. People need to debate and agree on an optimal architecture before implementing it in silicon.



The two problems, called Meltdown and Spectre, could allow hackers to steal the entire memory contents of computers, including mobile devices, personal computers, servers running in so-called cloud computer networks.

There is no easy fix for Spectre, which could require redesigning the processors, according to researchers. As for Meltdown, the software patch needed to fix the issue could slow down computers by as much as 30 percent — an ugly situation for people used to fast downloads from their favorite online services.


Right. Spectre needs fundamental CS research but it’s hard to exploit. Fingers crossed. Meltdown is much more urgent and already patched. Google researchers discovered that last month and alerted Intel.

The 20-30% slowdown is a golden opportunity it seems. Suddenly the world needs to buy 20 to 30% more servers just to stand still.


Before buying INTC read this:


My understanding is stock sales for these senior executives are planned months ahead of time so that they are not bound by “insider” status, because they have insider information all the time. I doubt this has bearing on the issue.


The stock sale raised eyebrows when it was disclosed, primarily because it left Krzanich with just 250,000 shares of Intel stock — the bare minimum the company requires him to hold under his employment agreement.

May not be directly related to the bug but it shows how much confidence its CEO has on the company.


Agreed. But he most likely has millions more shares in the pipeline so he won’t stay at the bare minimum for long.


His stake is really tiny. Someone on the forum could have more than he does. His stake is just about $10m.