NVDA: Year 2018 pick Growing Company




The timing and size of the latest sale by CEO INTC is fishy.


Andy Grove is turning in his grave as we speak… :disappointed_relieved:


So buy MU and NVDA, not INTC. What other semi used in server?


From BI article

Intel says the stock sale was unrelated to the vulnerability and came as part of a planned divestiture program. But Krzanich put that stock-sale plan in place in October — several months after Intel was informed of the vulnerability. In fact, Google informed Intel of the vulnerability in June, an Intel representative told Business Insider in a statement. But Krzanich put that plan in place only on October 30, according to the filing.


That’s literally the definition of insider trading.


That’s good detail. Yeah he’s going to have tons of explanation to do. Could end up leaving the post maybe.

He sold about 900k shares. Each $1 in stock price swing translates $900k. If Intel stock is down $10 from the news that’s $9M. Doesn’t seem large enough for him to be worth the risk. Unless the problem is much bigger and more devastating than what’s been published.


UltraSPARC, now owned by ORCL :rofl:


That’s way more negative for them than anything crypto currency related.