Oakland: Four dead in two shootings


Two men were shot and killed Saturday night, police said, part of a deadly Saturday that saw four people lose their lives to gun violence.

Officers were called to the 1400 block of Sunshine Court in East Oakland around 9:08 p.m. and found one of the men dead at the scene. The other man died later at a hospital, police said. Police were questioning a suspect but did not identify that person. The names of the victims were not released immediately, pending notification of their families.

The shootings came hours after a man and woman were found shot to death at an apartment in the 3300 block of MacArthur Avenue, between Laurel and Midvale avenues. Witnesses saw a suspect fleeing shortly after the shooting, police said. No arrests have been announced.

Reminder than Oakland still has a lot of crimes. It’s a street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood play. Note that these two incidents are north of 98th, a line I drew ever since I read that Chron article. Seems like you either do the west side: WeOak, Temscal, Downtown, NOBE etc; or you do deep east, hugging the San Leandro border. Anything in the middle is toxic?

Well, not exactly. I think you also have to divide it up by below or above 580. Come on, Park Blvd is nice above 580. Generally speaking, the closer you get to 880 the worst it gets. I am sure there are opportunities east of 35th Ave but not for me.

Criminals don’t metastasize?