Oakland homeowners' average profit is almost $235,000 when they sell, a 78% return that's tops in the nation


Home sellers in Oakland see the largest percentage gain on their properties of any U.S. city. They saw a 78 percent increase over what they paid, ahead of Portland, Ore. (64.7 percent), and San Jose (56.5 percent). Oakland home sellers also make an average profit of $235,000, new statistics from home data tracker Zillow show.

The data collected by Zillow (NASDAQ: Z) found that Oakland homeowners on average own their properties for seven years and three months before selling, which means that their gains break down to about 8 percent appreciation a year.

Nice!!! Let me join the profit party!!!

I’ll watch from the sidelines for now.

Gentrification is ruining Oakland!

Brooklyn 2.0!!!

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