Oakland. Massive construction site on fire


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And, it’s becoming hotter and hotter!

Where I live, near 680/280/101, the sides of the freeways catch on fire by themselves. Imagine a spark of anything inside an old wooden home?

Wood frame construction has been the standard for 150 years…This article is bullshit, not news.
Santana Row burned during construction
Steel maybe coming, but it has its own issues…Important to have security on site on bigger job sites

Besides the last thing we need right now is more expensive construction mandated by meatheads in the government

Maybe mandate that framing construction work can not be done in the Summer. Also mandate 24 hour security and fire alarm 24 x 7. That would make the rent higher and price higher. We can have emotional and non-expert citizens and lawmakers to have more regulation to push BA price to the top of the world

But Oakland weather is mild and it’s not as hot as Sacramento or even Mountain View. Why are there so many fires in Oakland? Is the Oakland construction site using different wood framing material?

One day, I left work. I was painting this old home, all wood. The reason being? I had left the commercial double lights we use “on”, and the pair of lights were without the stand. I left them on the ground, next to inflamable materials. It was the longest night in my life. I only needed to drive 30 minutes to turn them off, but as lazy as I was…:sleeping: