Oakland now more expensive than NYC, LA, Seattle, Boston, DC and Honolulu

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What I’m not understanding about Oakland is how bad the schools are in these areas where housing is going insane - i.e. Temescal, Rockridge, etc. It’s just interested to me.

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From a recent NYT article on the culinary civil war between North and South California:

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People from LA still dont think about SF…They usally move to Vegas or to other less expensive areas…Norcal has never been cheap…Plenty coming to Tahoe though…

You think schools will improve when these people moving to Oakland have school-age children? Despite the FUD, number one indicator of success of students is parents, not school rating.

School improvement will come super very slowly.

Rent in a rent controlled apartment in SF or Oakland, buy in Soutth Lake Tahoe…you can buy a house for the price of a SF parking spot…