Oakland Warehouse Owner in Deep Deep Trouble

The scene of a late-night dance party in Oakland that went up in flames late Friday was already under investigation for structural deficiencies before the fire claimed the lives of at least nine people overnight, according to records obtained by the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit.

The Oakland Planning and Building Department launched an investigation into the habitability of the warehouse less than a month ago, citing an “illegal interior building structure.”

And the owner is Chinese it seems…

Property records show the warehouse is owned by a trust created by Chor N Ng. Records show Ng, either individually or through the trust, also owns more than a dozen other buildings in Oakland, San Francisco and Santa Clara.

Geez, I think I will buy that LeEco 85" tv and never go out to a show/concert again…

This seems to be an arson.

As a commercial property, the fault might be with the tenant, the operator of the Ghost Ship, who is still missing.

Sounds like the owner was remorseful but if this owner got this sentence which was fairly light, what will the Ghost Ship Owner get???

Worker’s comp will pay up to $1 M for any death, at least they do when it comes to injuries. Still, the fines and expenses after the incident will push some employers to call it quits. Civil suits? I don’t know.

This should tell you something guys. As landlords, you better be on top of any situation that may become a liability in your properties. Being cheap doesn’t pay in the long run.