Obama will make $242 million after leaving white house


Why obsess with how much Obama will make after he’s a private citizen, and turn a blind eye to how much Trump will profit as a sitting president?


This is what the article says

Based on a recent study by American University in Washington, D.C., the Obamas COULD stand to make AS MUCH AS $242 million once leaving the White House.

& this is what the headline of the thread says

Obama WILL make $242 million after leaving white house

@BAGB Try again buddy :wink: :beers:



Headlines says “will”, not “WILL”. It’s merely a difference between an optimist and an pessimist to use “will” or “would”

Let’s stick to grammar for now :wink:

We use WILL:

to talk about the future – to say what we believe will happen
to talk about what people want to do or are willing to do
to make promises and offers

We use COULD to show that something is possible in the future, but not certain:



Well, even broken English is far more honest than CNN.

But $242 million could be an underestimate if Michelle became the Secretary of State some day.

I agree with your Grammar now :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

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It’s been quite a while since I graduated Junior High school, so I’m glad to be reminded of language(not grammar) from those times :slight_smile:

I bet my millions :slight_smile: obama will make that on his own, he has way more years under his belt than the clintons and he is one of the best orators around. big fan.

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Best orator?
All I remember 8 years ago was giant cards of teleprompt text ( way more than cue cards.)
Oration is the art of speaking publicly on a subject without having someone dictate it to you.
Bumbling on about a subject doesn’t make one a great orator.

What can he talk about? Obamacare? Civil rights? Nobel prize for winning election? What else?

He makes millions good for him. He didn’t make much shame on me.

If Michelle has no interest in running for offices, people might have no interest to pay Obama for speeches. He could give up on paid speeches and only give free speeches.

The guy is very popular…check the number of his Twitter followers…next to Katy Perry and JB…that star popular and not only popular…

with that following he can make a lot of money from the speech circuit…write a book may be…remember he is the guy who can get a noble peace prize by just winning election:)…i wont underestimate his earning potential post WH.

with HRC losing the elections Michelle’s has no hopes…

I doubt people would pay him for speeches. Other than Clinton power couple, no one else made much money from speeches. Even for Bill Clinton, his high value speeches were mostly benefited from HRC’s position. Michelle said that she is not interested in running for offices.

If he gives free speeches, some high school and college would invite him to give a speech.