Off Market: Monta Vista High

They said it’s off market. Too lazy to check whether it’s really off market. Go grab it folks!

FB page?

God bless google translate/bing translate. Thank you, manch!

Seems like a lot of off market in the Chinese FB group. Wonder why that is.

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Double Dipper R Us!

That’s what I noted too. Close community, i guess?

I just joined it. I can read it, but it would have been a bigger advantage before the days of Google translate :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hahahah hmm. I showed this to an american-born asian friend, she asked me if i was seriously a member of the group. I don’t use fb at all, so i just bookmarked it.

I am curious, if i reached to agent, would she tell me to go away :slight_smile:

Probably not. A buyer is a buyer.

Just posted another deal from the same group.