Ok, Add Chandler Arizona To Your List

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Don’t get fooled. Intel has always had operations there. They have freaking expensive fabs there so of course they will spend money to upgrade every few years. This “new” investment was probably in the works for a year or two.

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New, old, who cares. The point is if there is going to be that many new jobs there shouldn’t an investor check it out? Now who is the Debbie Downer???

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Chandler is a suburb of Phoenix. I have long been looking into Phoenix. Heck I still have some Redfin alerts set up there.

Ok, sounds like you are ready. Me, Chandler may as well be Timbuktu…too far. Fremont is far enough…

I keep telling you, watch out for the disruption of states where Bannon, I mean, Trump the president has a hatred for.

Let them build over there, it will start a trend that will call for more companies to move out of CA. Add to it, a massive deportation of your renters in California, and you are in for a delightful scenario.

By the way, when they finish that factory, at the pace of innovation, it will be obsolete.


My suspicion is confirmed.


I called a friend of mine in Finix Arizona. That’s how we pronounce it in Spanish. She told me to wait for something. Maybe time to move there and buy some-anything. Houses and cars with signs for sale.

The chit is going to hit the fan she said.

I’m sure Arizonans are thrilled. The last thing they want is to have the place Californicated. Heck - if too many of my fellow Californians move there I may have to take it off my list and go farther afield!
First - a few tech giants start up or expand existing operations bringing in folks from out of state. Next thing you know people are voting against open carry - but for motorcyclists splitting lanes!

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Show some guts, lead the tribe, they will be behind you. Why living in a place one hates?

An aging mom with advanced Parkinsons who needs me around - partly because exploding property prices make it all but impossible to find reliable, trustworthy caregivers.

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Sorry to hear that. Long term care is so expensive. I deal with that, our life insurance policies have living benefits that will pay you for any sickness. Unfortunately, once you are sick you can’t apply.

So, we shouldn’t generalize, right? Everybody has a reason to leave CA or to come in. It is not about liberals and conservative voters. It’s the place that many people love for its weather. I think.

Hugs to your mom.

Phoenix story…close enough

Invested there a year ago…Looking good 28%IRR


Phoenix may finally wake up and enjoy some good appreciation. It has been pretty slow.

LOL - I have been looking at Phoenix market for the last 3 months since some of my family has moved there. It is super dry though and HOT.:sweat:

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They have 2 or perhaps 3 pretty good sized Asian markets. I understand H-Mart is coming there. A smaller Japanese market.

Yes, it’s extremely hot. I’m surprised that millions of people like Phoenix and make it their home!

3 months of hot weather. But for 9 months the weather is perfect… Very popular for second homes… Especially with Canadians

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