Ok, Add Stalled Mobility To Our Lingo





It’s probably difficult to relocate if you aren’t a highly-educated professional. Many jobs will only consider local candidates and won’t pay for relocation. Moving to a new city without a job would be a bit stressful. That means a lot of median income people probably want to move, but they’d need to quit their job, pay their own moving expenses, then cover their living expenses until they find a job. Unless you have family or friends you can stay with in the new city, relocating isn’t very practical. Generous relocation packages aren’t the norm.


That is why what our forefathers did, whether it be from Asia, Europe, Timbuktu, is even more impressive… but I get it that people back then were desperate and willing to die for a better opportunity in America.


Exactly, people today are unhappy, but they aren’t desperate. That’s why they’ll complain, but they won’t take a dramatic step to make their life better. What’s more pathetic is the blaming of everyone else for their problems and expecting others to fix it instead of taking action themselves.