Ok, Dallas It Is Investors

Interesting that LA and our perennial all around fav San Diego is on the worst list…

I have been hearing from my teammates in LA that RE is hot. A lot of building downtown. The building of the subway system on Wilshire…



Past, present and future. The article is talking about present right? You’re talking about the past. Now, what would be the future?

LA traffic is killing LA and they know it – hence the massive investment in transit. I always thought long term LA has good prospects – no more smog or traffic, cause it’s all electric Ubers and subways. Only issue is water and assholes.

Dallas and Houston should benefit under Trump. Drill baby drill.


I go away all day for some boring but interesting systems training and I get this from you? :grin: What are you missing? Where did I suggest the past? The topic clearly implies future, you know, Ok Dallas it is investors…(to go and invest in). As always, read between the lines sometimes @handyman… hey you want to play the name game, I can too…:grin:

High cap rates in Texas disguise the lack of appreciation, high maintenance costs, high vacancies and bad tenants

Err… I gather you are not a fan of Texas? :smile:

I made big money as a developer with a Texas based self storage builder. .Built and sold…Have heard a lot of nightmares about multifamily. .Plus high property taxes…watch out for master meters…utilities will eat you live…
Buyer beware. .cap rate hunting can be dangerous. …

Besides I am not partial to Texans…although Cactus Jack is a fascinating character. .Aka John Nance Garner…Roosevelt’s VP for two terms…hated the job so much he said it wasn’t worth a bucket of warm piss…Funny if he had just hung in another 4 years he would have become President. …he lived almost to be 100, died in 1967

Which part of Texas? RE in Austin has been rallying for the past five years.

Austin is unique…the most untexas part of Texas…I have invested in Sugarland, Texas…also unique, but disappointed so far…I would sell if I could. …Oil is the lifeblood of Texas and it looks to be in a slump for years…

Let’s see what the future would be…

On Facebook from my Austin buddy…Houston is a mess. …Lots of flooding everwhere

Thanks All ok so far. Non-stop rain, serious flooding in many places (especially in areas east of Austin, between here and Houston), but we are in a hilly area, so not at high risk of flooding. I just woke up (it’s 6:30 AM Sunday here) and we are without power. It was very windy when I went to bed, so I bet it was the cause. There are tornadoes forming here and there because of the hurricane disturbance, so that’s one other random (and scary) risk. Our daughter moved to Houston 3 weeks ago for her 1st job out of college. Serious and widespread flooding expected there. She lives on the 3rd floor of an apartment building, has enough food and water and is staying put. Anyway, we’re alright. Thx for thinking of us. Best to you!

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So called east of Austin, is referring to Bastrop, more than 30 miles SE of Austin. Austin MSA has storm just like any storm, rain = 1-3 inches.

I think Seattle might be a better bet than Austin…


Time to buy in Texas…Buy when there is mud in the streets…https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-08-27/harvey-s-cost-reaches-catastrophe-as-modelers-see-many-uninsured

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Sorry maybe I am too naive. But buy where ? near Houston ? I was skimming through the Houston posts on city-data. The Houston metropolitan area is a 100 miles by 100 miles and vast portions of it are flood prone without any kind of canal infrastructure. So how does one deal with a)higher insurance costs and b) making money on a house that may be underwater once in 2 to 3 years ?

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If you have to buy in Houston, buy in Sugarland.

Looks like the whole coastal area around the Gulf of Mexico is toast, from Houston to New Orleans to Florida. Climate change is real, folks. Storms will get ever more violent and flooding worse because of the higher sea level.

I own property in Sugarland, lost money. AND NOW IT IS UNDER WATER…literally…Just raw land though…

Looks like the whole country might be hit withhigher gas prices.