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My parents live in the areas outside Houston which are seeing ridiculous flooding right now due to Harvey - their neighborhood is unreachable and has never flooded before this point - they have had 3 -500 year floods in the last 3 years so definitely not common that the suburbs flood like this - downtown floods more due to cement, flatness, etc.


I love Texans…Making lemonade out of lemons. …Fishing in your living room after the floods…



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The perfect Texas house



Looks like Tampa was blessed by the Indians. :thinking: No hurricanes can hurt it!

Others were surprised the storm hadn’t flushed the city away, as many experts predicted, but not Hernandez. As she swept, she recalled what an elderly friend told her when she arrived from New York 15 years ago: Tampa Bay was protected from storms. A Native American tribe blessed the area long ago to protect ancient burial grounds.

“We were spared,” Hernandez said. “This was nothing.”


I’m blessed by God, Buddha, and Allah. I’m immortal…


Cause and effect flipped :grin:. Indians chose Tampa because hurricanes won’t reach there.









Story on Houston…






Already looking to 2019…