Ok, First Test For One Of Wiener's Laws




There’s always a way around. :wink:


Not true, Sir. If that were the case, we would have a whole lot of more building going on. The red tape is/was real…


Psssttt…I am going to tell you something very quietly so we don’t wake up those guys always berating liberals…:smiley:

Scott Wiener. Scott Wiener (born May 11, 1970) is an American politician and a member of the California State Senate. A Democrat, he represents the 11th Senate District, encompassing San Francisco and parts of San Mateo County.

I bet you they won’t have the guts to come here and congratulate this guy. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Of course, who else would come out to oppose this?




Senator Wiener critiqued Peskin’s challenge.

“With the average San Francisco rent for a two-bedroom at nearly $5,000 a month, I recommend that Supervisor Peskin focus less on lawsuits and inflammatory rhetoric and more on making sure everyone has a home,” Wiener told the San Francisco Examiner in a statement.


SF “progressives” deprive the housing rights of all the people. They want to kick out 95% of the people and only keep their chosen 5% who can not afford SF living anyway


Nice abs, Wiener!!!


Not good, LA is opposed


Yup, this isn’t surprising. Liberals are all for affordable housing, helping homeless, etc, etc. That is until changes impact their back yard. They aren’t even being asked to help pay for it.


Liberals want power, they want the control over poeple. If there’s abundant housing, liberals will lose tools to control people and control votes. Now it makes sense than shortage is the hallmark of communism. Adundance will set people free and the liberals will become nobody. If you want to have control over your kids, you would create all kinds of artificial shortage: a limit on TV time, a limit on certain food, a limit on playtime, a limit on whatever that can help you to become the king over the kids.

When there’s acute housing shortage, liberals would have opportunity to create divisive policy to “help” homeless, to “help” vulnerable tenants, and to make billions of regulations to make your life under attack.

”The opposition came with a string of criticism from City Councilmembers over gentrification and local control over planning and land use.”

“The intent behind SB 827 is good, and I support initiatives for more affordable housing. But it would lead to massive displacement,” said Councilmember David Ryu, who represents neighborhoods including Sherman Oaks, the Hollywood Hills, Fairfax, and Los Feliz. “Central to this bill is that it eliminates local control and gives LA planning policy over to Sacramento.”


Omg, this David Ryu is also a Korean American, same as Jane Kim.

Are Korean people in Korea conservative or liberal in general?


SB 827 is the Deregualtion effort within the Democratic Party. It’s a fight between good Dems and bad Dems.


Liberals are hypocrites…they love giving away other people’s money…But do they want homeless people living in their yard?
Nimbyies don’t really care about anyone but themselves…
High density is the only solution for urban woes…LA is the classic example of low density creating a traffic nightmare…It is no even a rich vs poor debate…LA is unlivable and the BA is following this nightmare…
Mass transit only works if you have mid and high rise density…And without mass transit the BA will just have traffic gridlock 24/7


Tech CEOs support more housing. Homeless advocates against more housing.

Homeless advocates are blocking housing construction and want to have less housing in order to produce more homeless population to create demand for their service of homeless advocating.

Tech CEOs want to build more housing so that they can hire more employees and become even richer.

Who is right and who is wrong?


Well, money for anything does not grow on trees so even if you want to help the homeless you must allow the revenue source, the housing for employees to be built (so that you can at least extort, err, tax them) first.


Homeless advocates should be dragged out of their rent controlled apartments and forced to live on the street with their constituents. No one hates homeless people more than homeless people.