Ok, Flippers: Don't Fall In Love With It Because It Won't Love You Back

Sydney is a phoney…But the key to flipping is speed. The faster the better. plus due to the increased velocity of money your IRR increases…


Soooo, you’ve never been so enamored with a piece of property where you overdid it on the remodel or held it too long? Come on, some properties are desirable, right?

Never over do it. Cardinal rule of flipping. Otherwise you are creating your dream home. Even the dream homes I have built were designed and built with the respect for market forces. Never ever over build.
Avoid unnecessary wet bars, shelving, built-ins, basements, flat roofs, decks over living, too much square footage or too few bedrooms (3min), corner lots, up slope lots.
I have a huge list of do and dont’s

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Overdoing it is actually good. Because that’s where buyers will overpay.

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In the BA yes, anywhere else, not likely.

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