Ok, No More Reference To Carmel For Me

If these Carmel brokers are correct, I shouldn’t be regarding the Carmel RE market as that great or something for the Fab 7x7 to reach for. Come on, with an average selling period of 43 days on market and getting 98% of the list price (granted, I suppose Carmel homes prices are nothing to sneeze at too) is not exactly Golden State Warrior territory right??? Homes here sell in a matter of weeks right and def usually way over asking. Carmel, you weak!!!:slight_smile:

Aren’t 99% of those second homes?

Perhaps… I suppose it could be like @Elt1’s neck of the woods (South Lake Tahoe). You have retirees as well as vacation, second homes. Ok, maybe, shouldn’t expect vacation type homes to sell that quickly or high…

Did Carmel and Monterey house price take a shollow or deep dive during 2008-2011? Second home market may behave differently