Ok With Work Requirements For Food Stamp Recipients?

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The so called rednecks or should I say 90% of republican counties will be thrilled to work for their money. But, the question is: Where? Who is going to hire them if there’s no jobs in the neck of the woods?

Maybe in the coal miner areas still waiting for the famous jobs.

I see a revolution forming.
And the pitchforks will be held by republican communities.

Well, posters here speak fondly about how dirty the Fab 7x7 is. Ok, go clean the streets. If these folks actually took on some of the stuff City workers normally did, man, wouldn’t it actually be cheaper and help cities with their finances?


Sure. But giving jobs to them would like hiring zombies, they will eat you first rather than doing the job.

I am pro unions, but I know how much dirt is there on the management side. I was appalled, thrilled to know garbage truck drivers make up to $42/hr.

Jesus! I regret listening to my mom when she said back home: “son, if you don’t get a job in the US, never ever get a job as a police officer, or picking up garbage” :laughing:

Which over there were at the bottom of anybody’s favorite jobs. like # 99-100 :rofl:

Well, frankly how is that different from what we hear of about public workers anyway? Again, in theory, no work no food stamps. Me like.

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Clinton passed requirements. Obama softened them and handed out waivers like candy. This is really just reverting back to Clinton’s policy which was successful. Some states have done it and their welfare applications drop in half. Once people have to get a job, they make too much to qualify.

It also appropriates funds to train people which is exactly what’s needed. Hopefully, the training is useful and gets them employment.

This goes to show how far off the rails democrats are. It’s soemthing Clinton did. Now the idea is so radical they won’t even negotiate on it. It’s like democrats don’t want peoole to have jobs. They’d prefer to have masses of people on food stamps.

Scary if this clown gets in. Hey, I have ripped on Lady Di too but come on, her body of work for so many years is nothing to sneeze at.

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Since you got political, let go at it then.

First of all, we need to educate the guy in the white house. A total ignorant of the law, how things work, divulging secrets to the enemy, telling them when he is going to attack, etc.

The only thing he is good is at not missing a round of golf. Another lie, like the wall, Trumpcare, drain the swamp, TPP, NAFTA, and so on.

"President Trump has plunged the government of the United States into chaos that enhances his personal power. He has persuaded millions of Americans to ignore information they need as “fake news” from a “corrupt media.” He has allowed foreign states and local politicians to tamper with the integrity of American elections to his own benefit. He demands that high officials disregard the law in favor of personal loyalty to him. He has concentrated power in the hands of military men—better men than himself, but not the right hands for the job of civilian government. He has alienated allies, appeased large enemies, and goaded small ones to the edge of war. He has brutally inflamed the ethnic and class divisions that empowered him in the first place. He has enriched himself in government in a way that disheartens every honest public official, and invites dishonest ones to imitate him."

Frum, David. Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic . HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.

So, if democrats want able bodies not working, why is it that the majority of counties on welfare are republicans?

It’s like abortion. How come it is allowed when republicans have been in power? Very simple for the smart people to understand, it is the law of the land but republicans like to exploit the issue as if they, when they are in power do the opposite.

Wow, way to go off the rails and way off topic How is this related to food stamps?.

The supreme court has ruled on abortion. That means the republicans can’t pass a law banning it. It’d just get challenged to the supreme court and ruled unconstitutional. What’s the point of a law that’ll by thrown out by the supreme court? It’d be a massive waste of everyone’s time. You should really study up on the 3 branches of government and how they work.

You also rant about things Trump hasn’t done yet when they’d require congress to pass legislation. You did point out once that Obama didn’t have a filibuster proof majority in the senate. Trump doesn’t either. So you use that as an excuse on why Obama didn’t do more, but you blame Trump for not doing more. Your 2 arguments can’t logically co-exist. You’re just revealing your bias and inability to think independently.

Kevin De Leon and politicians like him belong to Democratic party’s version of tea party. I can’t understand how he is challenging mainstream democratic politicians. I think he calculates he has supporters who support his extreme leftist ideology. Extreme leftists are as bad or worse than extreme right.

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