Omaha 1. San Francisco 0

  1. Virginia Beach
  2. Seattle
  3. Pittsburgh
  4. San Diego
  5. Colorado Springs
  6. Austin
  7. Minneapolis
  8. Las Vegas
  9. Denver

and 10?


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Pittsburgh, Minneapolis are unlivable in the winter

We have sun. We’re about to set a record for most days in a row without rain.

Austin and Vegas are unlivable in summer.

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Being to both places in Summer i.e. around this time of the year, seems ok.

I was just kidding. I am not a weather snob like @sfdragonboy and @Elt1. I spent many fun years in Minneapolis. It’s a great place to live.

Uh, I heard the saddest story probably ever in my life recently (and I lost my Dad at a fairly young age). Someone’s wife (not old by any stretch of the imagination, healthy, mother to some kids) died in Las Vegas on vacation due to heat streak. This was supposed to be a fun time, not her last day on earth. This could have been you or I. Don’t ever think the weather does not matter. Mother Nature will humble any man…

The latest “Best Big Cities to Live In” list has been released, and one Bay Area city was good enough to crack the top 10.

San Jose, dubbed as the capital of Silicon Valley, was named as the tenth-best big city in the nation to call home, according to a report published by WalletHub. The report examined a slew of factors including affordability, income growth, average working hours, crime rates and even walkability.

San Francisco followed by locking up the No. 16 spot on the list of 62 large cities while Oakland settling in at No. 50, according to the report.

Virginia Beach, Virginia was crowned as the No. 1 big city in the country, edging out Seattle and Pittsburgh, respectively.

As for the rest of the Golden State, San Diego topped the charts by nabbing the No. 4 spot on the list, according to the report. Sacramento checked in at No. 21, and Los Angeles earned the No. 29 selection.

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Probably not used to living in tropics, remember I came from Singapore, right at the tropics.
Make sure you are hydrated at all times, so drink a few cups of water and bring a bottle of water every time you leave your house :slight_smile: I did that here too, a habit. My skin is also dark because of years of staying in tropics.

Big city means more than $1 mil residents, right? So, those smaller cities nearby could rank higher.

For sure, but that one floored me. I get it, people unfortunately die every day and for the wrong reasons but come on. I don’t want to think about the pain the husband is going through…and frankly someone or his family needs to keep an eye on him if you know what I mean.

The counter point is of course Florida. It’s just as hot and last time I checked is choke full of retirees driving 40mph on freeways…

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Virginia Beach it is again!!!