OMG, Only 4 Glasses Of Beer Per Day At WeWork?



Are they hiring? I will settle with only one beer. :laughing:

Geez. Ban all meat, but go ahead and drink 4 beers? Someone’s got their priorities really really backward. Why not just ban all alcohol?

My company has booze 24/7.

The company buys it? We always have alcohol around, but it’s bought by employees.

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Yes. Beer, red/white wine, vodka, bourbon…


Orgy? I want to join your company :star_struck:

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That would be a definite no-go on me working there.

I don’t see why this would be a factor in any career decision. My company is small enough such that if someone gets seriously drunk you’d notice. People are sufficiently responsible to know not to drink during office hours. There’s an all you can eat snack bar here too, but I rarely touch it. Self discipline, my friend.

The smell of alcohol grosses me out–most people don’t bring beer to work, but I wouldn’t want it easily available to make it upstairs to the work area. Also, if it’s considered a perk, it’s going to attract a crowd that I might not enjoy socializing with as much.