OMG, She Should Run For President If She Can Pull This Off!

Lawmaker would end property taxes for those who paid off mortgages (

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I am afraid she is very naive. And admits she hasn’t thought about all the ramifications

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People with paid off homes are often at or close to retirement.They can therefore lower their own property taxes by moving away from job centers.

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Why in the world would you do that? Property taxes are to pay for local services. Maybe she should lower the taxes on those with mortgages since they already have a significant cost for their housing.

Also, most states have a hardship deduction for those over 65. If that’s her concern, why doesn’t she go for that whether or not the home is paid off? Also, if an elderly person has to take out a mortgage again to pay off health care bills, does that mean they start paying property taxes again?

This girl’s an idiot. Sorry. She needs to think before she swings.

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Property tax is a wealth tax. Old people have most of the wealth in this country, even if they have relatively lower incomes than say middle aged workers with higher incomes. Ironically most of property taxes pay for schools, a resource not used by the elderly. South Lake Tahoe just rejected a $100m property tax increase for funding school infrastructure repairs… … it is becoming a retirement community. The elderly hate tax increases due to falling incomes … and justly become more conservative.


They never do.

The law of unintended consequences.

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‘If You Are Not a Liberal When You Are Young, You Have No Heart, and If You Are Not a Conservative When Old, You Have No Brain’


No heart here. If you grew up in a third world country and watched how people struggled just to make a living compared to what Americans have, it’s hard to be a liberal.

And some brain. Not 50 yet but maybe will gain more of it later on.


Better to be heartless than brainless.
Very hard to be liberal if you’re a landlord in California.
We are targeted as heartless even if we vote for Democrats.
The one industry not allowed to make a profit. And in fact is supposed to let tenants stay for free. Especially in Oakland.

Housing, along with health care, is a basic human right. Don’t you know?


“Free shit for everybody!” Say that with a 1960’s stoner voice.

A version of that slogan almost propelled Bernie Saunders to the Whitehouse. Too many today believe that there really is a free lunch.

Money for nothing and your chicks for free. Dire Straits song … no longer politically correct.
Jus watched the series The Chair with Sandra Oh. Hilarious. About how political correctness will end western civilization.
My English professor father would roll over in his grave.

Man, that was the smartest thing I did, got out of Oaktown! All those years of grinding…