One Day You May Be Able To Buy Your Groceries At Walgreens

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I think meal kits are the future. It would also allow a lot more stores to offer groceries.

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I think meal kits are going to be a fad. I’ve looked at the prices and it seems for a little more you could just get takeout. I know a friend who does them–I think it’s her way of feeling like she’s cooking without a lot of work, but if it were me, I’d just check off that “SAHM has cooked 5000 meals” checkbox on my todo list and get takeout with a couple of meals preprepped on weekends.

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They are usually much healthier than restaurant food though. Most restaurant meals are a minimum of 1,500 calories.

I don’t necessarily see myself ordering anything different from a restaurant vs. these meal kits. Stirfry is stirfry.

And for anything that’s grilled meat and veggies, I already have a sous-vide and an instapot, so cooking is fast.

Marcus, maybe you could explain the appeal to me? When my friend explains it, I essentially get that they get to try new things, and everything’s premeasured. Just doesn’t seem worth the cost for that–there are spice packets or sauce jars that can accomplish that as well, and no end of recipes online. What do you see as the benefit other than lower calorie intake?

I also get the sense that it looks like she’s doing the cooking–which she is–but if I’m going to work full time, I’m not going to care what it looks like I’m doing to my husband. If this is something for SAHMs/soccer moms to cut a bit of work out of cooking, I see a dwindling market.

  1. Everything is very easy to prepare, so there’s minimal risk of failure or a bad meal.
  2. You don’t buy larger quantities of something just to throw out most of it later.
  3. I think it’s best market is working professionals, since it reduces the time required to cook. Most of them only have meals that can be prepared in 15 mins or less and often in a single pan.
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