One Drive harassing me. LOL


I bought this computer, of which I regret big time, an Acer.

So, I’ve been taking pictures and transferring to it from my IPhone. Somehow this computer or windows 10 has a feature that is using One Drive as a cloud. Since yesterday, the “system” has been telling me I am running out of space. So, I went and erased let’s say 35 pictures out of 50. Then I went to my business and another window popped out telling me I was out of space on One Drive. I went in, and erased another 3 of the 15 left.

Then, it tells me that 4.9 GB of 5 GB are occupying the drive. I emptied the recycle bin and that would give me 1.5 GB of space. I did it, went to my business and then, another window with the same story of I had ran out of space popped again. I went there again, and it says 5GB out of 5GB are used?

The scheme is to make you buy GBs for a monthly subscription or buy Office 2016.

You techies out there, what to do?


Any iOS and Mac has a free iCloud account with first 5 GB free. So you should sync your iPhone to the iCloud :grinning:



but, this is a computer, brand new, basically putting a gun on me to buy something it should be free.

Oh…never mind!

This is out of my league. :sweat_smile:


Do you need all those photos in the cloud? If not store most of them on the Windows PC hard drive, and the ones needed across devices on the cloud(One Drive + iCloud)=5+5=10GB.


Damn it, what does your drive have to do with gun control? :grinning:


Stop it! :laughing: