One of those properties

…that I look at and say, geez, 600k for over 100 nice acres. Looks like a lot of bang for the buck. Lots of relief, riparian corridor. I’m sure appreciation would be minimal though.
Edited to say - while I don’t look at real estate in CA much the price surprises me given the proximity to San Diego. If you look across the Mogollon Rim here in AZ from Payson all the way to Show Low - forested with meadows, nice climate, 5000-6000ft - you won’t find land that cheap. 600k buys you maybe 30 acres with no house. It would buy you some very pretty high desert but summers are just too brutal, at least for full time living.

Jesus, I would hate to run out of milk…(LOL)

“Young” which used to be called Pleasant Valley is a hot Arizona market. Fifty miles to the nearest grocery store, 15 of it on unpaved roads. You couldn’t touch 110 acres for 600k. You might get 30 or 40 with no house.

Two words that will weigh heavily for anyone especially later in life (assuming he/she cares): healthcare access

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You can’t live your whole life worrying about the very end of it.
It used to be that people here in Strawberry moved to Phoenix or an outlying part of it when they got old and infirm. But after the George Floyd riots and urban lockdowns most just figure they’ll die here. If that means death comes a bit sooner, so be it.

Obviously, it is not the very end I’m worried about…