One seat ride to San Francisco is goal for High Speed Rail first phase


It will never complete a loop…


Wanna bet?


Sure. Unless you count the Caltrain route between SJ and SF. No way BART will go along Peninsula to SF.


Come on, perhaps not in our immediate lifetimes, but it will happen. It is just common sense. This entire peninsula region is a cash cow to our federal/state governments and if they want that progress to continue funds will come through for it. I can’t see local municipalities continue with the NIMBY card if the gridlock gets so bad to the point even their own citizens start crying for it. Who’s to say that the Caltrain route doesn’t eventually merge with the BART line? Stranger things have happened. I would agree with you if this were some place like Detroit. No one in their right mind would invest that kind of money there. Here, it is way different.


Don’t think so. Actually it’s different in the sense NIMBY’ism is even worse here. Sure, everyone complains about traffic and stuff. But to dig a big freaking tunnel under their houses? No bloody way I say.

Note that building to San Jose was in the original blue print like 40 years ago? Could things change in the next 100 years? Maybe. But we will all be flying around in jetpacks no-one will care about BART no more.


If that were true, what’s the point of high speed rail too then?


A jetpack has limited range. It won’t get you to LA.


I get it. I am just looking way down the road as this megaregion expands and I honestly believe BART will eventually encircle the Bay Area especially if Caltrain tracks are already there to use or expand on. Why is that unrealistic?


Yeah but the Tesla Jetpack comes with free in-flight refueling for life.


It’s unrealistic because it’s not even being talked about yet. HSR is already being built, and will complete in the next 10 to 20 years.

By the time people start talking about BART SF-SJ, doing the hundreds of expensive studies, find funding, convince NIMBY’s up and down 101, we are talking about 30 years of talking and not building. What will the world look like in 2046? Maybe we will all move to Shanghai by then.

The NIMBY’s up and down the peninsula are the most stubborn NIMBY’s. And they have lots and lots of money. And they don’t care. They are still fighting Caltrain, something that existed before they bought their precious houses. You want to convince them something new should be built in their turf? For the public good? Not gonna happen.


Wait. So cap and trade is just a way to raise taxes to fund government boondoggles? I shocked.

It’s smart. Companies pay the fees, so the costs are hidden from consumers.


Well, did some research and while you are correct that it probably won’t happen any time soon due to the many hurdles involved, the idea of BART circling the Bay Area actually was talked about apparently from the beginning. I still believe that as long as the whole Bay Area megaregion continues to grow like a weed that there will be increased pressure to find transportation solutions and this idea will resurface sooner than you may think. The mere fact that BART is now going to hit SJ from the east side of the Bay is a major milestone in itself that probably a lot of people didn’t think would ever come about too, but it has now. Baby steps for sure but who is not happy about that even?


But self driving cars will be running long before the jet packs. BART and other fixed guideway systems roles will be more limtied.


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Wanna bet?

You missed the part where BART goes to Marin. :grin:

The reason that BART cars have a wider (5’ 6") than standard wheel track (4’ 8 1/2") is because the original BART planners dreamed of hanging BART track below the GG Bridge and serving Marin County. As you may know, the bridge swings pretty good in windy conditions. Reportedly six feet each side of center when the winds blow hard. A standard gauge rail would have been unsteady in those conditions. Hence the BART gauge


Jetpacks will never be a source of main stream transportation. …to inefficient and dangerous. …great for personal injury attorneys though…Flying people or cars makes no sense…Can you imagine 7m people flying around in a city …Imagine 8m people flying around Manhattan. …air traffic controllers have trouble with a few hundred planes…even drones are going start having lots of collisions. …imagine if there were millions in your city…flying around could work for a few rich people but will never work as mass transit…Humans dont have the reflexes or sensors be able to fly in mass…Bats are much better at it…they have radar like sonar, better reflexes and are much more maneuverable…


See, BART projected to Santa Clara by 2025 assuming tax passes which is it expected to. I don’t think a circular BART system eventually (probably beyond our lifetimes) is so far fetched as you folks think.


I just looked at my life expectancy table. I don’t have enough years in me to see circular BART.


Agreed! I never said how long it would take, only that it would happen…some day :slight_smile:


Anything that happens after you die didn’t happen…no way to prove it