One seat ride to San Francisco is goal for High Speed Rail first phase


If the HSR train has 24 stops isn’t that going to add at least an hour and a half to the 2 hr trip from LA to SF…that is figuring 4 min per stop…So then the trip will be at least 5.5 hrs . Including an hr at each end to get from the train to start and stop points… You can drive from SJ to LA in five hours… Where is the benefit?

Why not just upgrade Hi 5 and allow an unlimited speed limit like in Germany… then drive time to LA would be 3hrs


Another ridiculous idea… Zoning 15 stories in Fresno for the future train riders… Why not just zone 15 stories on transit routes in LA and SF… who the hell wants to live in Fresno???


Of course there will be trains that don’t stop at every stations. Those are the ones going from LA to SF in 2 hours.

Just like the baby bullet Caltrain has limited stops. Same idea.


It is single track
Will have to have spurs at every station. That means very few bullet rides
This whole thing has been poorly planned… Full of lies and misconceptions… I studied transportation engineering 40 years ago… These HSR promoters have no engineering training

Think about how many trains can go down a single track… Compared to the ten million miles a day they are projecting

Make up your mind HSR… commuter train or LA SF alternative to jet travel…


Update to previous story…


Too bad the whole thing was a lie
The HSR train was supposed to cost $20b and California tax payers only had to pay $10b
Now it’s $64b soon to be $100b and maybe we get to go to Bakersfield in 2025??? WTF???
Why would anyone want to go there?
Plus the cost will be more than airline travel.
A train no one wants and no one can afford all in the name of environmental greenwash

Total horse shit…


When AAPL was coming down from $138 to $120 range, warren buffet said he will consider AAPL when it comes to his range. He did not specify that it was $99, but he was planning well ahead before fall.

Like that think ahead and plan ahead !

Do not look at Bakersfield alone, look at all the HSR stations between SF and Bakersfield,first set of rails, buy the lowest priced homes near by stations in the range of 100k ! If we really buy when market tanks (in 12 - 24 months), all homes are going to be a cash cow later.


I will be dead before this turkey runs… Besides I would rather drive or fly…Already buy my gas in Nevada. I resent any tax money going to this boondoggle…


The project is facing a $1.7-billion increase in costs and a seven-year delay in just its segment in the Central Valley.


The rails should be fabricated from bodies of the liberals that are promoting it… A composite made from hot air and horseshit


Autonomous vehicles will make visions of circular BART and similar, mega mass transit systems just footnotes in history.

There us a reason. And one we all know but can’t elucidate. Who the hell wants to get on a public conveyance (BART, bus, AMTRAK, etc.) if they don’t have too?