Online real estate marketplaces

Online real estate marketplaces are revolutionizing the industry by enabling users to buy and sell properties completely online, breaking geographical barriers.
Advantages and disadvantages of buying online? Pro and cons of selling through a website instead of a realtor/brokerage?

Buying real estate online is super convenient—you can check out homes from your sofa and get tons of info. But there’s a downside: you can’t really visit the place in person, and there’s a risk of fraud. So, be careful! Selling through a website is cool too because you reach people globally and save money. But it’s not all sunshine—it’s trickier without a realtor’s expertise, and you might miss that personal touch. Plus, dealing with legal stuff can get complicated.

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You are totally right. However there is a website called homebourse where the downsides of buying real estate online is basically none. You can still have a realtor by your side if you are selling and the company has a support team involving local law firms and title companies for closing.
It is developed for investors who are not really interested in seeing the real estate in person because all the pictures, videos, 3D viewing, uploaded inspection reports provides them with just enough information for purchase.

Thanks for the heads up about Homebourse! It sounds like a promising platform, especially with the inclusion of a support team and collaboration with local law firms and title companies for the closing process. I’ll definitely check it out. It’s always nice to know about platforms trying to make online real estate less tricky.


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