Open house weekday?

The one I like, the seller has open house on last Sat and Sun.

Now they are doing this Wed. 9:30~12:30pm

What is this mean?

Does seller want to more expose within time frame to sell?

Or the seller just want to fake that we have multiple offers that prove this house is good value, so this Wed is last chance you can bidding?

Weekday night open houses are not uncommon in SF. More exposure is always better.

I’ve never understood it, especially with how terrible traffic is.

Whats the percentage of houses on sale that have weekday night OH?Just curious as I haven’t seen even one so far in last 2 months. Private tours, yes. But OH no.

I pointed it our earlier when I saw the first OH on Thursday 9:30am -12:30pm this week. Before that I have seen OH on Fridays which are becoming more common. But on Wednesday? That would be my first.

I think I have seen weeknight OH by the Alex guy @sfdragonboy just stood up.

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Wed. 9:30~12:30pm

Well that could very well be broker tour and the agent figures she’s there anyway why not open to everybody?

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I may have pulled the rug from under him but one day I will make it up to him especially if I sell Sunset. I am a man of my word. He found it for me technically offline so he will get to list it…

Weekdays ar eprob broker tour converted to oh.

Jason is losing a valuable customer. How unfortunate.

I’ve seen one or two in the last year both in the same neighborhood. Or maybe it was the same house multiple days.