Order Comes To West Portal

When admittingly Sunset homes start hitting 1.3-4M quite easily, it seemed West Portal pricing was not keeping pace (should be way higher). Ok, this one goes 500k over asking to settle at 2.2M. Bad address number too…

Why people spend so much money on a noise-polluted home still boggles my mind.

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What am I missing? What noise? This is not that one on West Portal…

It’s right around the corner where the L train rumbles.

Gosh, for absolute peace and quiet it would have been an extra 250k…

How bad is the noise for 1/2 block away? I hate noise, but then I also don’t have extra 500K burning my pocket…

It’s pretty bad. You basically have to be at least a block away to have some quiet time. This particular location is even worse because the train runs behind the house as well as around the block.

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How about this one nearby?


Big lot! Under 1M. Too cheap!

Very nice… this one def belongs under “Too Cheap (Inner Sunset)”. Everyone is doing the low listing game to the hilt!!! Come on, this should be what 50% more???

This underpricing game is sickening I tell ya! It gives people false hopes. Shame shame shame!

Yes, there is truly a difference between $19.99 and $20.00…

Well, if you are a buyer at least you get a chance (fat chance) to at least bid accordingly and heck maybe you bid right and win. Sad part is, there are a “few” others out there thinking like you…

The under pricing strategy has disappeared as the defacto strategy in the Peninsula MP to MTV. It started disappearing two years ago and was mostly gone a year ago.

Perhaps SF is behind the curve and the choppy down move is coming for you guys.

I certainly hope so! [licking my lips…]

West Portal beauty flexes its muscles!!! Just under 2M, baby!!! How about 355K over asking!!!
Gorgeous home!!! Oh, how appropriate, sold at $888/sq ft even!!!

Boy, def looks bigger than a 2/1… def inlaw potential

That lot is smaller than a stamp.

That never stopped an inlaw from going in…