Oregon expected to enact first state-wide rent control law

The legislation would limit rent increases to 7 percent annually plus the change in the Consumer Price Index, which is currently rising about 3 percent a year.

Apartment buildings with fewer than five units would be exempt, as would housing complexes that are less than 15 years old. The bill would also sharply reduce the circumstances in which tenants can be evicted.

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Does rent control work? Not really:

Portland, the epicenter of the state’s crisis, has independently enacted some of the nation’s strongest tenant protections. One law requires landlords to pay moving costs of up to $4,500 if they evict people without providing a reason, or if they raise rents more than 10 percent.

Portland has been short of affordable housing for a long time.

Oregon loves vineyards and hate houses:

Still, those land use laws are held so dear by Oregonians that they are unlikely to be challenged any time soon.

“A lot of people blame the state’s land-use laws, but if we didn’t have land-use planning, we would not have a wine industry, because houses would have been built on those southern-facing slopes” where there are now vineyards, said Ms. Brown, who has been governor since 2015.

7% plus CPI is a pretty big increase.


Great, please implement for SV too.

It’s a vary sad moment in Oregon. Once rent control is approved, they can reduce the rent increase limit to 0.9% gradually. That’s what happened in SF.

I will never consider Oregon any more. Hope they won’t have a severe rental shortage after 30 years.

You better watch your back… I think AOC is knocking on your door. :smile:

I almost forgot about her, thanks for the reminder. I already become used to her stupidity. Maybe people will ignore her just like myself

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed into law a first-in-the-nation rent control bill Thursday and called on the Legislature to turn its attention to funding new housing initiatives.

Because of an emergency clause, Senate Bill 608′s rent control and eviction protections go into effect immediately.

CA will follow suit in 5 years.

The bill passed quickly through the House and Senate amid a Democratic supermajority and with only perfunctory opposition from landlord groups, who viewed it as a better alternative to removing the state’s ban on local rent control policies. The new law keeps the ban in place.

Oregon has been Californicated. So has Nevada, Colorado and Washington.

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The irony that people leave California then vote for the same policies in their new state.

20% of Oregon residents were born in California. Many white Californians moved to Oregon.

“ In Oregon, the tally was almost fifty-fifty, with about 39 percent of Oregon-born citizens having moved to another state. But you’re not paranoid about the Californians: They really do move here in greater numbers than people from any other state. Nearly one in five Oregon residents were born in California.Jan 26, 2018”

People who left CA for Oregon are probably the lesser bright Californians who are not making it in their own state, so it is understandable that they continue to do dumb things in their new state.

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