Looking for inputs from longtime dwellers and experts in bay area. We are here for the last 6 years in Fremont and have limited understanding in the real estate scene out there.

Recently, we were looking to upgrade from our current home and rent out our current property. I am interested in the Orinda area, impressed by the schools and beauty and wanted to put an offer. Spouse is not so happy, mentions that there is not much diversity in that area and our kid might feel left out. I think that’s an exaggeration. I noticed that the prices and demand is less than the silicon valley and east bay. Assuming, it is because of the distance.

I would really appreciate if you share more inputs and information around this area. Thanks!

Orinda is not cheap. Average price is 1.5M. However, less competition than the South Bay for sure and you get more bang for your buck… For a 1.5M home in Orinda the sq ft can be easily over 2000, as opposed to your 3/2 1200 sqft ranch in the South Bay…

Agreed! It’s definitely not cheap. But, bang for your buck.

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Wait for me, I would make it not cheap for you :blush:

What makes you choose Orinda over Fremont? Commute to work? Since you can easily find good school and nice house in Fremont for < 1.5M. What are your other short-listed cities?

I would think it is just as expensive to live in San Jose, Milpitas for 1.15-1.3M you get a pretty decent 2000 sf SFH. Crime rate is not attractive in urban area though. How warm is it in the summer months?

Orinda weather’s mild…no need for airconditioning…Somewhere between Berkeley weather and Livermore heat… cools at night…One of the most desirable places to live in the whole BA…But not for you flatlanders that like walk to Starbucks…Hilly, leafy and a bit boring…Classic BA town without the views or fog of Berkeley …Want some good food or nightlife easy drive to Berkeley and Oakland. .or even Walnut Creek

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I actually started my home search in Orinda back in 2010. I’ve always liked that area. Not sure how much the lack of diversity matters for us Asians. I think in Bay Area most people are used to seeing us around and are more or less sensitive to different cultures. Orinda also has a lot of Berkeley professors and feels a bit like Marin with BART. I wouldn’t worry about diversity too much. It’s not Alabama.

I’m curious why you did not choose Orinda then

Orinda is superb but at the end of the day nothing beats the South Bay when it comes to your heart’s desire (at least my heart’s desire… :rofl:)

South Bay is also boring, maybe less so than Orinda

Are you going to buy a new house in South Bay now?

Can people working in South Bay or PA or RWC commute comfortably from Orinda?

One hour witihout traffic. The South Bay needs BART ASAP…2.5 hrs with bad traffic

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Orinda was a little bit too far. At the time I was still on the rat race. Wife was also scared of the tunnel.

Oh… you mean you’re no longer in the rat race? Congrats on early retirement… :laughing:

For 1.5M range, I would consider buying in RWC. You can get a decent house for that price. Maybe not 2000 sq ft but you can buy at a location closer toward to the 280 side. If you work in the south bay or peninsula the commute will be very difficult from Orinda. Since you can afford two million-dollar houses, a 2-hr-each-way commute is not a good tradeoff to make for a house that’s just a little bigger. If you really want a big house and you do work in the south bay, I’d consider selling the Fremont house to get the house the size you want.

My wife is a fan of Ken Deleon who is a prominent realtor star mainly in Palo Alto and surrounding area. She claims that Ken once mentioned that RWC is the next market he wants to conquer, and because of that, RWC will become the next hottest area. :slight_smile:


RWC??? Is that even South Bay?

Ken is good friend with @Elt1 ?

My wife can get you a better deal than Ken
He doesn’t know RWC like we do…

People like Mr. Deleon don’t make billions by finding “deals” for clients… :rofl: