OT: Anyone Dump Comcast For Sonic Fiber Optic?


You still haven’t switched?? It’s been a month…time to take action.


Since he’s a Yelp man, what does Yelp say about Sonic?


I just typed Sonic on Yelp and the first thing that came up was burger. Maybe I should create a Yelp account and give Sonic its first 5 star review so that @sfdragonboy can finally make the switch.


No, I am still under contract with evil Comcast for a good chunk of this year I think. Believe me, when you don’t watch tv much at all or use the phone, it is a waste to spend over $200 every month for mostly internet…


Comcast lying??? No way…




Honestly, rarely does cable crap out for me (esp considering the weather season we are having). I simply do not watch that much TV (other than local sports). My bill is now exactly about $200/month. Time to consider other avenues when contract is up…


This is my story.

We had a cheap package with Comcast. We moved to our recent home, we called them to move our services, 2 technicians came in, oh boy! Well, they didn’t tell me I had to drill holes, well, they cut the cable on the walls so I can’t find my way to the street??

I dumped them, and…we call Uverse.
They promised us the sky. 3 technicians came, the third one tells us to tell the guys “up there” to not waste their time with we couldn’t get fiber optic, not even analog service or whatever.
Between the first and second technician forgot to comeback to fix the issue, a rep at the store in the mall gave me a hot spot thingy while they fix our service since I was like 3K feet from the main box, not enough juice to our cable boxes they said.

2 months go by, we see no progress, we call Direct TV, problem solved. I return the hot spot thingy to the store manager and I ask if anything to be done. He said, nah! I will take care of it. And being stupid is my trade, I forgot to ask for a receipt.

6 months later, a letter in the mail from a collection agency. They couldn’t get a hold of me, through by oldest phone number, duh!. So, here I am, owing 6 months of hot spot. I am going just about to get postal, but I regain my nerves and go to the same office at the mall. After threatening the guy with a lawsuit, he promised me with fixing the collection.

We just got Comcast again. Crappy service. Spotty internet, the speed sucks. I call to complain almost every 3 months and the response is…is your computer hooked up to the router via Ethernet? I go, what? I thought I was paying for wireless service? Well sir they go, in order to get the 100 MBPs or whatever you need to hook it up, blah, blah, blah. :triumph:


For me, Comcast service is quite good. Hence my reluctance to move from the status quo. I don’t have time to deal with dishes or new equipment. It is just that the bill has reached the magic $200 level and it caught my eye now. And Sonic is in the neighborhood signing up everybody from left to right with their fiber optic service at $40/mo. Not too shabby. And again I don’t watch much tv. I prefer chatting with you cats. So I get it, internet speed and reliability is wanted and for now I have it. Just that I have to pick now, steak dinner or comcast???:grin:


Get the high speed internet service. Forget about TV. My download speed is over 100 Mbps.
Buy your own wireless gateway (cable modem + wireless router) or cable modem + Apple AirPort Extreme.
Need to upgrade gateway every 2-3 years because of new Wi-Fi standard every 2-3 years.

From your description, Comcast might have given you an old gateway. New Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ac = 1 Gbps, is faster than 100 Mbps download speed from Comcast. I didn’t upgrade to the 1 Gbps because is too expensive so my internet download speed is limited by the download speed from Comcast, but my data transfer speed between computers and networked hard disk is about 10 times that of download speed. Also, please upgrade your ethernet cable to Cat 6… Cat 5e still tolerable, Cat 5 is not good… printed on the cable itself.


Thanks Hanera. But my point is why they advertise “wireless” but you need a damn cable to get it?


Read the fine print :slight_smile:, the Wi-Fi router could be an old standard :rage: 802.11g or earlier :slight_smile:. The latest is 802.11ac capable of up to 1.3 Gbps. Before that 802.11n capable of up to 600 Mbps if it supports 5 GHz. 802.11g up to 54 Mbps, propriety up to 108 Mbps. Before 802.11n, the speed through ethernet is always faster than the Wi Fi speed. With 802.11ac, ethernet cabling is not necessary except if nearby have some jokers interfering with your Wi Fi. The only ethernet cable I use is from the cable modem to the AirPort Time Capsule. All Macs, iPads, and iPhones access Time Capsule through Wi Fi.

You should check the specs of your gateway or cable modem+router, make sure is 802.11ac, if not, change them. The specs are listed with the manual that come with the product.


Pick Sonic, end of story.


Yes, I will reconsider once evil Comcast contract is over @harriet


I was deleting old emails…

LOL :rofl:


Damn it, I have to be poor in order to get free, high speed internet!!! Where is the justice???:confused:


Where are my rabbit ears???


See? Net neutrality gone, wages kind of being increased to fool some people, them corporations raising their product prices or services. Nice recipe.

The end!


IMHO, has nothing to do with net neutrality. In any case, net neutrality has disincentivized ISPs to spend $ in upgrading infrastructure because they can’t… wait for it… raise rate :grin: Money for upgrading infrastructure needs to come from fees collected :grinning:


Have you worked for any of those Comcast or charter type of companies? I have.

Let me tell you something you may not know. They spread lots of money on anything. From, if they still have door to door sales people, to installers. Lots of money spent for one single account.

So, all they need is an excuse to stick it to us.

By the way, why on earth I need to hook up my computer using an Ethernet cable to get 100 Mbps? I thought I was paying for wireless internet? False advertising? :grin:

The end.