OT: Anyone Dump Comcast For Sonic Fiber Optic?

So, Sonic is in the Sunset with its highly rated fiber optic internet service and it is supposedly pretty darn fast and cheaper than Big Brother Comcast. I have been thinking about ditching Comcast for awhile now since the monthly cost for all three (phone, cable tv and internet) has eclipsed the $200 threshold now, which is ridiculous. Yes, the internet service/speed is great, but besides that we only watch the local news and sports teams play and hardly ever use the phone service.

@manch, I won’t turn the clock back to majority snail mail but I just might consider putting a tv antenna back on my roof again…

Eww… who uses landline???

Well, not a true landline like we all had with AT&T. It is a tiny part of the bill so we kept it. Sometimes useful and easier to use/hold a regular phone for long conversations.

Like calling Comcast when the cable crap out?

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Sonic is a good alternative for areas that have their Fiber line available. If not Sonic default back to ATT broadband lines.

Broadband needs more competition. Internet is so expensive…


I have Charter Spectrum services and it is always Fiber connection last 4 years at 60 mpbs speed, cheaper than comcast at $59/month

Thanks, folks! Does anyone actually have Sonic’s fiber optic service to be able to chime in on how it is? I hate to whimper back to Comcast should Sonic not be as sonic as we though it would be…

I used to have Sonic when I was renting in Sunset years ago and it was fabulous. Sad to cancel service when I bought my primary since my primary wasn’t part of Sonic’s coverage area at the time…

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Fiber Service is always excellent,no matter who provides it, far better than Comcast and ATT. You will not regret.

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Ok, sounds like I need to switch over to Sonic! Thanks!

Sonic in my area is basically using AT&T line, so no experience with Sonic fiber optic.

It’s always a switching game for me. These companies rather get new customer than keep existing customers.

I have had good experience with Comcast. I guess I never had issues and had to contact Comcast customer service. One reason might be that I use my own cable modem. Most recently, my intro offer was $30 for 75mbps, but good for 1 year only, and that ended just 3 months ago. After intro is over, Comcast offered some discount, but not even close to intro offer. So time to switch.

Then with AT&T U-verse, I have more issues with their hardware. I had to replace the gateway multiple times over the years. As for cost, AT&T is pretty good with offering discount to existing customers after the intro offer is done. So I tend to stay with AT&T for 2-3 years. Once AT&T pricing is not as competitive, then back to Comcast.

Never ends.

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I agree, Comcast service reliability is pretty darn good but if Sonic fiber optic is that good supposedly for a lot cheaper I would be crazy to not try it. I am sure when I make that call to Comcast that they will break out their closer salesperson to try to retain me. I will have to resist…

Me, only have broadband internet service from Comcast. Use my own cable modem and Apple Time Capsule. Used to be Comcast is the only broadband internet service, now AT&T broadband is available too…

Once someone figures out a way for local sports fans to only get/pay for their fav team game broadcasts, it will be another nail in the coffin for evil Comcast!!!

Breitbart = Fake News

SF finally (maybe) getting city-wide high speed internet service!!! I will consider Sonic too, but just give me the reason to cut off Comcast at the knees…


I don’t think it will ever happen. I don’t think anyone, maybe other than the homeless, are lacking internet access.

Comcast provides broadband access too. Currently using comcast broadband plus some channels for a dollar.

Well, according to the article it sounds like it will finally come to fruition. Now, will people buy it, that is the key? Yes, Sonic is pretty darn cheap at $40/mo. That, is a compelling story to say bye bye Comcast…