OT: Best Bay Area Burger

In Campbell??? Come on!!!:slight_smile:

Really, that place is Top 10 in the nation???

Good tasting healthy burger??? (oxymoron???)

I had it a few months ago. The waitress even asked me how I’d like it cooked. The patty tasted like real meat but smelled like tofu.

Interesting, the smell from the condiments couldn’t mask the tofu smell, eh?

Ok, Five Guys wins the Harris poll as best burger. But, keep in mind Taco Bell won for best Mexican restaurant…

Taco Bell is not Mexican…It is test marketed in Alabama…It is horrible fake leftovers warmed up…They don’t cook anything in their stores

On the topic. I thinj best burger is at google now.

Did you at least try Facebook burger? Someone needs to try burgers at all FAANG and report back.

honestly no, not yet.

but so far google’s beats almost all the burgers i have eaten - i say almost because of maybe recency bias.

Come by!

Let’s have a google Facebook burger cook off!

Couple weeks ago I just went to the No. 8 in the list — Val’s Burgers at Hayward.

Awesome old-fashion burgers and shakes!

This classic deli has been there for half a century. Yes, 50 years!!

Cool! Reasonably priced?

Yes, the prices at Val’s Burger are reasonable, hence the place is packed all the time. Cash only though, but it has a ATM machine there.

Its Papa Burger has 1 lb. double beef patties (!)
Its Mama Burger has 1/2 lb.
Its Baby Burger has 1/3 lb.

This diner has been there since 1958!

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Been there. Good burgers. Stepping back 50 years in time. Cash only should trigger an IRS audit.
We had client pay for the design of an expensive house in Los Altos Hills. She owned three burger joints. Paid our bill in crumpled 20 dollar bills. $9k in dirty twenties

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Geez, sounds like how I bought my wife’s solitaire diamond stone…

420 burger. Someone ping Elon Musk.

Hilarious. Carl’s Jr. has the worst fastfood burger of all. Their food is pre cooked, frozen then reheated at the store. They basically serve leftovers… disgusting. Perfect for potheads… they will eat anything