OT: Def One Reason To Not Live In SF

J U R Y D U T Y ! ! ! ! !

Fortunately, I just got excused this morning but come on!!! I just served in 2015 on a semi long one already and I am back again for another round??? We need to go back to the old system, two year grace period (not one). It has been like clockwork for me or my co-workers to get that ugly letter in the mailbox. My co-worker is right now on a civil jury case that will run a few weeks. The judge did say on that first day that they know which employers are relatively ok or will pay their employees if they served so don’t work for a large employer folks or live here where crime is higher. Frankly, the defendant looked guilty (oops, innocent before guilty)…

First of all they are all guilty…You live in a litigious CITY.
Tough in Tahoe too…Only half of the people here actually call this area their primary plus with all the tourists, the few of us that live here do double duty…So far got two letters to show and then they cancelled…cases settled I guess

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Come on, what kind of crime happens in sweet South Lake Tahoe, @Elt1? What, someone cut in line at the buffet???

We have rowdy tourists…Plus there are still a few Italians in the lake, from the old days…Freddo, where are you?..lol

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Jury system is not useful and it’s abused. We need to get rid of jury system

I get it that a trial by jury is a cornerstone of this great land, but come on!!! At least pay the jurors something more so that people who aren’t reimbursed fully by their employers wouldn’t mind serving and aren’t distracted or not focused on the case specifics. I agree, everyone should serve at least once for the experience but SIX times and counting!!! I need to move to Palo Alto…nothing ever happens there.

You are on their hit list. That’s why it’s probably best to never serve. Serve once and you are doomed.