OT: For You MacBook Pro Owners

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I am still rocking a 2010 17 inch MBP. I can’t buy a “pro” machine with only 16GB ram in good conscience…

Oh wow… 17 inches! I am still rocking with my laptop case I bought in 2003 for my 15.4 MBP, multiple laptops has changes due to Company sponsor, but my bag still the same :slight_smile:

New 13" MBP is pretty affordable and nice size.

I have all but given hope Apple will ever do a 17 inch again… :sob:

Really, really sad. I LOVE my big fat display, even though it’s not retina.

It wasn’t that popular. If I remember right, they were 1/10th of the 15" sales. I was there when they cut it.

17 inch MBP may not be super popular, but it’s way more popular than Mac Pros and that shitty Mac mini they are still shamelessly selling.

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