OT: Giving Of Your Time

So this morning our team ditched work and gave back a little by helping to feed the needy at Glide. Way cool. Well worth the time especially for say your youngsters to learn and appreciate what they have and to understand that there are many folks who are not as fortunate.

Ok, back to normal programming…

That’s nice, except every time I volunteered at these places I thought of my tax dollars going to the “needy” who used the money to buy drugs. Yes my brain is warped.

Well, it was eye opening and educational. Actually they mentioned that more and more students are showing up at near months end for their free meals program. A lot of seniors rely on this organization too. You also have women with kids who faced domestic violence. Keep in mind, they do not discriminate against anyone and will serve everyone in need. Oh, and I believe they said that they don’t actually rely that much from government funding. More private donations than anything, so no worries. Really, really a great organization all around.

Organizations need to screen these people who take advantage of the system. I personally have witnessed several unscrupulous people who owned several properties in SF but still lined up to get free food at churches.

Sure, there is abuse everywhere and ideally those meals going to not really needy folks could have gone into mouths that really needed it but we don’t live in a perfect world. I still like how this organization just plain and simple wants to help people without any real conditions. When you see the folks that are receiving help here, there are very few fakers.

Giving your time for the needy ones is always appreciated by all the people. Even my father believes in participating in the humanitarian mission, where one can spend their time and efforts to recover the loss and provide them the assistance. One can take help from this source, to spend the quality time with the less fortunate people and help them.

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