OT: I Never Thought A Chair Could Be This Sexy

I have always loved these chairs…a piece of art

Maybe this style will be used on airplanes. .Thinner chairs means more seats and revenue. …Then they can get rid of the tray tables and feed you with a hose coming from the ceiling. …The new service class will be called sardine class. .where the they cram the plane full like sardines…lol

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Tell me about it… I am NOT relishing a trip to Malaysia next year to visit the inlaws. May have to splurge if the cost is not much more (I am sure it will be though) for business or first class. The mere notion when wifey said she watched at least 5 full length movies flying back there is absolutely nuts. Me not liking it one bit…

The last few times I flew Singapore airline the legroom is not bad, and I am 6’1", so legroom is important for me. Avoid american airlines like a plague. They are the worst of the worst.

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Just flew on Lufthansa from Franfurt on a A380 …Even coach was awesome. …Leg room was fair, Im 6’1"…but service was great and there were empty seats…Free unlimited movies, free wine and beer. …attendants came by often with water, juice, coffee, wet towels…

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I heard good things about Lufthansa too. The Germans are good.

And tall.

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Wifey flew back home one time on Lufthansa. She liked how her plane had the lower lounge area from the main deck.

Any tall, dark and handsome air stewards onboard?

Since my wife is easy on the eyes, that would explain the free offers to fly Lufthansa again…alone :slight_smile: