OT: Maybe They Should Have Skipped 7

and gone to my fav number… the fab 8!!!

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Words and numbers that sound vulgar in Cantonese
67 (in Cantonese) = Penis
hi, height = Vagina
76 (in Cantonese) = Male sex partner
hello = Female sex partner
69 = Penis

If you’re a Taiwanese, and want to scold anybody including Mandarin speaking Chinese, tell her/ him “extremely white” in Mandarin. It translates to “Smelly vagina” in Hokkien - dialect used in Fujian and Taiwan.

Good to know. haha

Dang, @hanera, YOU should be teaching that Chinese immersion class that @manch moved to SF for…:slight_smile::grinning::grin:

Try to say Samsung’s Note 7 in Cantonese and you’ll understand why they are having problems… .

Anyone noticed how Apple tried really hard to appeal to the Chinese customers at the Keynote event??

Please, for the love of God, give me a good Macbook Pro this year. I really need to upgrade…