Owning doesn't build wealth

It’s pretty laughable, since it compares people saving and investing the savings from lower rental costs than own. All the data on savings says people overwhelmingly don’t save and spend the money. That’s why home owners build more wealth. It’s literally a forced savings payment every month with paying down principal. You also get leveraged appreciation on the home.


Typical Eastern press bull shit. Stock market biased media from NYC
I get it …unless you can afford a Manhattan penthouse buying property anywhere in the Northeast is depressing…
Shiller owns a house in New Haven… basically a ghetto.
House appreciation is location specific… So the average house in podunk USA will not look attractive on paper.
This CNBC reporter flunked RE 101… it’s location location location
My cocker spaniel has more real estate knowledge than Olick…

Olick has a B.A. in comparative literature with a minor in soviet studies from Columbia College in New York and a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism.

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While all housing has always been local, home price performance has been especially so following the recession. In the nation’s 24 largest metropolitan housing markets, just four showed median home price appreciation between 2010 and 2016 that was higher than the median return of a stock portfolio, according to a report by Redfin, done in November 2016.

Three of those four were in Northern California, and the fourth was Miami. All four rank high among real estate investors, especially foreign investors, not owner occupants.

The stock market is a more flexible, accessible option for people with savings, but live outside of those few fast-rising housing markets… volatility could be favorable during financial downturns (if you are good with options), unlike housing. Nela Richardson made a good point though about the bifurcated market: “Rich metros grow, poor ones don’t” For most, the forced savings of RE made the difference in wealth creation.

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Made all my money buying homes. Only lost on stocks especially when you factor in inflation… 90% of all millionaires made there money in real estate not stocks
The stock market has been good since 2009
Not so good from 2000.
Home ownership is the only ticket to wealth for 90 % of us … Olick and the New Yorkers who run the media are a disgrace… And she is their pet “RE” reporter … She must be the runt of the litter to get that job…bow wow…

All Olick does is google stories and regurgitate them
Maybe should go back to school and get a degree in real estate…

Well, owning means a roof over your head that no one can take away from you. Shouldn’t that be enough?

The media hates home ownership because they are basically all socialists. in fact the Mayor of NYC doesn’t believe in property rights at all. He thinks property is like a utility that should be regulated
Home ownership is the most important thing you can do as an American… it is our god given right… The right to control your own destiny… The idea that your home is your castle.
Property rights are what the revolution was fought for.
It is part of our soul…
All of this is under attack by the liberal press
Olick makes me puke…

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Homeowners are more conservative than renters. Are they trying to change American Dream from homeownership to stock gurus?

Most homeowners are successfully owning their homes and most stock investors are getting subpar returns

We should require a disclosure of the auhor’s stock investment returns.

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By definition half of stock pickers lose.
The only measure that counts are index funds.
Since 2000 stocks have barely keep up with inflation.
Basically without dividends my SP 500 index fund would be a loser.
Stock picking is forward looking the returns of the last 8 years don’t indicate the next 8…
in RE you are in control whereas in stocks you aren’t.
That is the biggest appeal to me… Number one rule… Don’t trust others with your money
Don’t let Olick tell you what to do. Wonder how she’s done in RE investing?

Frankly, I don’t know anyone who owns property in the Fab 7x7 and is hurting one bit.