PA doesn't want more housing in... EPA?

And you wonder if we have land to build here? NIMBY’ism knows no (city) boundary.

This is amazing. Just another bullish thing for bay area housing prices.

Notice this is just for the aesthetics. They don’t even pretend it’s for other practical things like traffic. NIMBYism in its purest form. And frankly very selfish.

Good job 0.1%'ers.

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95% of EPA is on the other side of 101. I have a hard time believing that EPA affects PA’s asthetics all that much.

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If you want to understand the PA mindset read Listen Liberal.

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“In a book urging Democrats to pay attention to working-class concerns, there are decidedly few interviews with working people, and a lot of time spent on tech conferences and think tanks and fancy universities.”

So true… TED talks and professors tell the working class what they need, not the other way around.

Perhaps that’s why the working class is so fed up with the elite. They’re tired of being told by the educated and wealthy what to do and what they need. Very patronizing.

Oh I see… PA is worried about EPA doing stuff on its side of 101: