PA slowdown

.73 acre

I was expecting lower prices, I cannot make sense of it. It’s just insane. :grin:


Let me run those numbers for replacement to see if the buyer was just insane.

3000 sqft * 300 = $900,000

It’s official, that buyer is insane. Does not compute.

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Looks like there were multiple insane buyers as it was bid up 1M.

:scream: :scream: :scream:

The lot size is 32,000 square foot

This was bought by an LLC. Looks like an investor/developer.

It’s not even the best part of pa.

Sounds like it’d make a nice trophy home though.

Maybe they will split the lot.

LLC is also used to hide ownership, where do you see the llc thing? what’s the name?

County records. 2001 BRYANT ST LLC

Does country records show this fast? damn.

It shows one business day after.

I guess it’s likely an investor, but could be ownership hiding, too. They could have used trust, though, probably fits better for an non-investor owner.

I think this method was popularized by Mark Zuckerberg. When he bought his PA home in 2011 he also used the street address as the LLC name.

Yes, i have seen that happen. Land trust fits better for most people, but LLC might have some other advantages I do not know. Maybe for liability reasons - trusts don’t provide that.

Only benefit is for flippers to delay their tax payment.

Liability, too.

You could split this, but it’s not a great candidate at this price.

WQJ and T, can you guys explain the details?

? I’ve never split lots and don’t think I ever will. I like to keep things simple :slight_smile:

I was referring to tax payments, LLC, and land trusts.