Pacific Grove put cap on home rentals

It used to be that anyone in Pacific Grove could rent their homes as long as the owner got a city permit. In fact, the city told us those permits couldn’t be revoked so long as we followed the rules and our guests didn’t cause disturbances. But this year, the city put a new cap on the number of homes that could be offered as short-term rentals.

In May, Pacific Grove held a drawing to determine which homeowners would be able to continue renting out their homes. It was completely random — actually conducted on the kind of ping-pong ball machine usually reserved for bingo tournaments — meaning responsible homeowners could lose their permits while irresponsible ones who’d received many complaints might be allowed to keep theirs.

All your property rights are belong to us.


There is ban on the South Lake Tahoe ballot on VHRs

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I feel like the current ones should’ve been grandfathered in

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The anti tourist movement is worldwide from Venice and Barcelona to San Francisco. Tahoe’s ban will hopefully fail but a lot of my old fart friends hate tourists and traffic.

Oh this is about Airbnb.

If they have a ban on long term rental, it would be scarier.

Residential zoning and tourism use are not exactly the same. I think this is legal. I don’t have an opinion on Airbnb regulation anymore.

We should focus on fighting against rent control. Let Airbnb do the lobbying work because it does not help rent control at all.

Airbnb has definitely created a mess… They collect all the money and their hosts do all the work, including collecting the TOT taxes…Have created a huge backlash…Santa Monica San Diego(still being debated)have bans too I think…

Right. People already made plans. Or the city can buy the licenses back.

This is exactly like the city taking back the license of an existing restaurant even though the owners did nothing wrong.


Having driven back from Tahoe in that traffic, I can totally see where they’re coming from.

Not much traffic this week. Arguably the worst traffic of the year…some say vacation rentals occupancy is down 30% due to heavy fines…$2000 fines for parking, noise, over capacity and garbage.

I don’t like AirBnb rentals either… it’s not good for the neighborhoods. I have not been on that particular street in the article… if it’s ocean front, there might be a tourists passing through anyway.

I do like it that they found a law firm to file a complaint against the City.

I expect similar action in Santa Cruz next year, after the draconian rent control and just cause eviction is in place.

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Well, your old fart friends need to be reminded that the tourist dollars help fund a lot of the local services like in the Fab 7x7. SF residents/owners should be embracing tourists with open arms!

When we stayed in Pacific grove 60 years ago, we stayed in a little dive motel by the cemetery. The Butterly trees Motel…nobody wants to stay in 1950s motels anymore… Most in Tahoe have become derelict or SROs for bums…

Families want to stay in friendly neighborhood homes.
We did for summers in the 60s in Mendocino, Elk on the beach

So are motels selling for cheap?

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They were …But have doubled in price in 3 years…Big move for the right buyers

How about this home/hotel in pacific grove, a fixer?

Even with all those tourist dollars they still can’t clean up the streets.

Tourist dollars -------------> money spent on homeless

Actual residents who pay taxes in every possible way (sales, property, gas, etc) get nothing and better like it (according to the Progressives) because they are so fortunate!!!

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I enjoyed being a tourist for many years. Now we that I live in a pure tourist town I have a different perspective. The negative impacts of tourism have made me more aware. Plus the places I went to in the last 50 years have been impacted. You can’t walk around the stones and touch them at Stonehenge like I did in 1965. The hoards of crowds in Venice are awful and so is the food. Air travel is horrific. Big cities in general have little appeal.
I plan on doing a lot more touristy things by car in the West. Going to explore Gold Country and western Nevada. Maybe hike Mtn Whitney.

Living in paradise means I don’t need to go anywhere

We travel a lot by autos, ships, and planes. Sometimes when we travel by auto, we stay in hotels, visiting friends along the way, or take our trailer with us. We have 24 ft trailmanor which turns into 34 foot when extended and raised. Only weighs a little over 3500 pounds so our truck is fully capable of tolling and only adds a minimal extra gas. Just returned a month ago from 3 wk driving trip across the South. Last year, we took our trailer the northern way to Black Hills SD. 3 Years ago, we drove all the way across the northern route to NJ without our trailer. We used to camp out a lot in California, Oregon, Washington, and Canada. I think we all should see the US not from looking down from 35000 ft. So interesting.

We also make 1 (at least) trip overseas for a month every year.