Paint your front door this color and boost your home’s selling price by $6,200

I agree there is a trend (at least here in the Fab 7x7) to paint the entire house a dark color (gives it that modern, cool look) but come on, not a black door. If anything, I think a door painted red goes over really well here in the Fab 7x7 and Bay Area. Why? Well, Asians do buy a fair share of homes and yes red is a lucky color. Is black a lucky color. Uh, no…

My house front door? Black. Trim on the house? Black.

What is the main color of your home then?

Black. Goth house.

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Hey! I am still alive!
Brain dead, but alive…:smile::smile::smile:

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It used to be people would paint their front door red when they paid off their home. That was back when mortgages were only 15 years, and a woman’s income couldn’t be used to qualify for the mortgage.

Now we’re told 30 year mortgages and dual income mortgage qualification are signs of progress. All it did was make home values start increasing much faster than inflation.

Gee, robbers and home invaders, hit this house!!! We have so much more money now, now that we paid off the loan!!!

Ha. They probably have nothing. They paid off the loan by being frugal.

Wish I read this before repainting the window trims brown, apparently n “ill-advised” color choice…

Still I think the whole article is based on flawed interpretations of the pictures of the particular houses they reviewed. Don’t trust these computer-generated calculations :face_with_monocle:

The average premiums for different paint colors were calculated by taking the percentage increase in home prices among properties with those features and then multiplying it by the national average home value. The median value across the homes Zillow studied was $549,370, which is more than double the current national home value of $215,600.


I painted the interior of a house with what color?


The order came from the guy, wife didn’t have time to chime in. They went on vacation while I painted it.

They came back, she walks in, I am picking up my tools, she goes…Ahhhhhh…I expected a scream…but she went Wow! I love it!

I didn’t have anything to do with picking the color buy my check $4,000 :sweat_smile::smile::smiley:

Of all the colors, orange would be the last color I thought you’d pick.

Did you choose this color so you can throw darts on the wall?

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No, not at all. When I painted for a living, I never doubted the intelligence of my clients. Specially if they never bargained by fees. This time I went on a limp because if the lady said this is horrible, I would be in big ding dong. They could have blamed me for picking up the paint they ordered before leaving. :rofl:

Geez, big Giants fan, eh? (Black door, and trim and orange interior…)

What’s Giants? :rofl: