Palantir to relocate headquarters from Silicon Valley to Colorado

Ok. Will see how its stock performs when it comes out. Very atypical for company to move HQ while in the IPO process.

Palantir owns the vast majority of office space in PA downtown. After thia transition, palo alto as a tech hub may lose its recognition (at least on startup front).

Otoh, Palantir was never quite fitting as a business model out of progressive california. Once they become public, they may play better at a different state.

Read it somewhere Palantir was mostly doing consulting work until fairly recently. They weren’t really a typical tech startup per se with a product. Their product was their people.

Why Colorado? Colorado is still a pretty liberal state. Why now?

I always felt Palantir is over hyped. Will see how it does when it finally IPO.

Here it is.

Biting the hands that feed him. Ungrateful SOB.


When they are making easy money from Government (indirectly from tax payer), of course they don’t need to please the consumer overall.

Why burn bridges? Not the best way to attract talents I think. How many employees will move to Denver? It’s odd they didn’t move earlier. Could have saved employees CA state taxes with their options. During IPO is the weirdest time to move HQ.

“The engineering elite of Silicon Valley may know more than most about building software,” Karp wrote. “But they do not know more about how society should be organized or what justice requires. Our company was founded in Silicon Valley. But we seem to share fewer and fewer of the technology sector’s values and commitments.”

Do his assertion describe you and @Boolean?

Does it matter? Plenty of SWEs in Denver, right? Can also remote :slight_smile:
His pal moved to LA

Karp said Palantir has “repeatedly turned down opportunities to sell, collect, or mine data,” contrasting it with consumer companies "built on advertising dollars.” "Software projects with our nation’s defense and intelligence agencies, whose missions are to keep us safe, have become controversial, while companies built on advertising dollars are commonplace.

Yes, referring to Robot face and the two boys. Now refer to the bald man too.

Our society has effectively outsourced the building of software that makes our world possible to a small group of engineers in an isolated corner of the country.

Sound bad. Software startups and established businesses should go somewhere else. Not outsource your future to some nerds in 7x7.