Palo Alto Fixer

@wuqijun, your next project??! I really love the decorative high voltage tower in the back over the tool shed. Nothing says an electrifying deal better.


Definitely location challenged… but deals must be had!!! :wink:

Anyone venturing a guess how much it will sell for???

But, but, but…if it were San Jose, they would be bitching about those power lines…:star_struck:

They should add in the description. *Bonus feature, high chance of becoming the Flash."

Flash Gordon? :rofl:

Folks, make fun of it all you want, but it’s already a HOT home.

Beggars can’t be choosers.

Only because everyone from this forum favorited it :slight_smile:

Check out picture 22. They put in a walk-in bathtub ($5,000 installed).

How about picture 27+28. Seems the power line tower is right in the backyard. How does that work? I guess there is easement for utility.

And there is a shed right under the tower. I guess you can rent that out for extra income. Like the backyard “tent rental” that someone tried to do (I think in Mountain View).

Pending. Will it hit 2 mln ?

Surprising it took close to 1 month to go pending. Maybe location affected it? Or seller held out for higher offer?

Let’s see how much it sells for.

Sold. Wow…

1.3M for a substation. Seriously, anyone wants to live under those wires?

@manch, it’s the new age Tower Art movement. You’re not familiar with it? This is a steal!

1.3 is a great price.

The substation is near Colorado so it’s some distance away. Living under high-voltage power lines does carry some discount but it’s not this much. The new homes across the creek from this house are just slightly farther away from the power line and I doubt those houses are as heavily discounted. The main discount in the 1.3 price is from having the tower right in the backyard, so effectively you are buying a smaller lot than stated on paper, but 1.3 is still a great price for the smaller lot.

Maybe buyer can replace the roof with a thick layer of lead to reduce the magnetic field from the power lines? :slight_smile:

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barf. i’m with manch. no thank you. i don’t care about the discount. i’d rather pay more and get a better location. if all you can swing is 1.3 for a SFH you shouldn’t be looking in PA.

Maybe the buyer is from SF’s Chinatown? They were thinking they can hang way more clothes with this place…:laughing: (no hate posts please, I am chinese and yes friends and families did own laundromats and drying cleaning bizs…)

Speaking of laundermats do they make money?

They launder the money :wink: