Palo Alto: How high can this one go?

3/2.5 2053 ft only 10 years old. A bit close to the tracks though. Asking for 1,988,000. Maybe you can counter 1,888,888?

This is in Ventura neighborhood.
This area is quite different from any other PA neighborhood.

Actually this one was on the market for awhile with the same price. They somehow deleted the history and relisted it.

But it’s still PA right? If parents want in on the PA schools this seems like a good deal. Or is the neighborhood really that bad? I’ve never been to that part of PA before.

Personally, I would rather live in MV,Cupertino,Sunnyvale etc than Ventura in PA.
I used to live in Duveneck neighborhood, not far from Ventura.

If that neighborhood is pretty rough today, any chance it will gentrify? If so that seems to be a good opportunity to buy in at a lower price.

A rough neighborhood in PA, what’s that mean? The neighbor kids only have a 3.5 GPA and get into non-ivy league schools?