Palo Alto pays lowest effective property tax in state

Palo Alto paid the lowest effective property-tax rate of any city in the state at 0.42 percent, less than half of the one percent caps introduced by Prop. 13. In fact, the Bay Area is home to half of the top ten cities paying the lowest effective rates.

A majority of homeowners, roughly 71 percent, pay less than a 1 percent effective rate. The more than 40 percent who pay who less than a 0.5 percent effective rate are centered in expensive markets along the coast of the Bay Area and Southern California. Palo Alto has a median home value of $2.2 million and median home values in each of the ten cities paying the lowest effective property tax rates are all above $1.2 million.

Better not talk about prop 13, which is one of the best regulations in California.

The media attention to this is evil minded. We should ignore their nonsense.