Palo Alto Strikes Again

Another tiny house in PA made international news:

That’s just normal life here in the Valley. Meh. :man_shrugging:

A tiny charming, 897-square-foot home in Palo Alto, California is on sale for a whopping $2.59million.

The big price tag, tiny home is just another illustration of the housing crisis making Silicon Valley’s real-estate market overheated.

The little home at 128 Middlefield Road, has two-bedrooms, one-bathroom but is just 15 minutes away from Googleplex and the other tech giants, making the small home in high demand.

Old news. that house dropped price like a rock.


128 is lucky number though.

2^7 I get it.
Where are the crazy rich asian buyers these days?

Money barred from coming over…

I am surprised this home is not selling at the reasonable price.

This house is in really horrible location in terms of intersection. There is no street parking either.


Shared access is a bigger issue than you realize.

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This one has the smallest lot of all.

I think i like the willow area & seminary oaks a bit more than pa. not sure why. Large lot, gorgeous house, the house placement on the lot sucks though. haha.

A lot of decent options if you are willing to spend upwards of 3.5M. What’s your sentiment right now? Isn’t it the best time to buy in a year - unless you expect this trend to continue into next yr.

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I think this time around is perfect opportunity. It might get even lower if you wanna time the market. With all the political nonsense, it might soften a bit more. But wouldn’t really count on it. If there’s spare cash sitting somewhere, maybe keep it on sides for a bit longer.

Reason i mentioned above home is it’s colonial. I love colonial & craftsman.

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The Willows and Seminary Oaks are fairly different. Felton Gables is more along the lines of Seminary Oaks. SO gives you a lot of bang for the buck. It lacks deeper setbacks which tends to coincide with the sense of grandeur.

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